Paul Lewandowski

Paul Lewandowski is a criminal defence lawyer with over fifteen years of experience practicing exclusively in criminal law. He has appeared at all levels of Court in Ontario. He also appears in the Ontario Court of Justice on an almost-daily basis. Paul Lewandowski has earned a reputation for being an able and thoroughly prepared lawyer. He is an assertive advocate in court, and respected by Judges and his peers. Paul Lewandowski is known for his reasonable and practical approach to evidence. He is also an advocate unafraid to take difficult cases to trial especially if it means ensuring justice is done.

Mr. Lewandowski appears regularly in the Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen and his cases are also followed nationally by the CBC.

Mr. Lewandowski has handled well over two thousand cases.  His extensive experience includes pleas, trials in the Ontario Court of Justice, jury trials and summary conviction appeals in the Superior Court of Justice, appeals at the Ontario Court of Appeal, as well as occasional appearances at divisional court on quasi-criminal matters. While the practice is focussed in Ottawa, he also accepts cases from Renfrew, Pembroke, Smith Falls, Perth, Brockville, Kemptville, Cornwall, Morrisburg, Kingston, Napanee, Belleville and Toronto.

Paul Lewandowski – A talent for Cross-Examination

Clients who are new to the criminal justice system are often shocked to learn that most cases are based on nothing more than the testimony of one or two witnesses. In fact, it is rare for a prosecution to be based on videos, photos, fingerprints, DNA or CSI quality evidence. The average case comes down to whom the Judge believes. The fate of any given accused often rests on the defence lawyer’s ability to ferret out the inconsistencies from the accuser’s testimony. In this respect, there is only one vital tool in a criminal lawyer’s arsenal: cross-examination. This is how the truth is discovered and how credibility and reliability are challenged.

Many call cross-examination the greatest engine for the discovery of truth. Unfortunately, it is not a skill that everyone can master. The ability of a lawyer to effectively cross-examine a witness will come from experience and from years of trial experience. Talent can not be learned nor acquired and great defence lawyers are born, not developed.

All things being equal, the success of your case will be a direct function of your lawyer’s level of preparation, knowledge of the law, and abilities as a cross-examiner. This is particularly apt for sexual assault cases and domestic assault cases where most can be reduced to a credibility and reliability battle between two opposing versions of events (also commonly referred to as a he-said-she-said cases). In this vein, Paul Lewandowski has earned a reputation for his deft touch. Mr. Lewandowski realizes that it is your freedom in his hands. He and his team will provide you with legal advice that is second to none.

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