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The client retained Mr. Lewandowski to after being convicted of a charge of sexual assault for raping a young female stranger. An offence of this nature would typically mandate a period of jail between 3 and 7 years, however, the Crown was seeking a dangerous offender designation due to the clients past criminal record. If successful, this would mean that the client would spend the rest of his life in jail. Despite the Crown's position, after several pre-trial applications, analysis of the psychiatric assessments and thorough, tireless review of the volumes upon volumes of historical material concerning the client, Mr. Lewandowski was able to secure a deal where he was released after 3 years of time served and an additional 8 months. The dangerous offender designation was dropped, and the client was released on long term supervision, giving him a chance in the community with proper supports and counseling in place. What started out as a potential life sentence ended up as a release less than 1 year after Mr. Lewandowski was retained.


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