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Mr. Lewandowski has over eight years of trial experience. He appears regularly in both the Ontario and Superior Court of Justice. While it is always favorable to resolve a matter expediently with a withdrawal, diversion or alternative measures, the reality is that there are many cases where trial is the only solution. In cases where there are too many factual discrepancies, or where the police have breached an accuseds rights, a trial needs to be set down and the facts vetted before a judge or a jury. Every case is unique and will be judged on its own facts. Accordingly, past results should not be taken to indicate a guarantee of future success in any form. What follows below is a sampling of cases where favorable results were achieved despite difficult fact scenarios.



The charges against a man were withdrawn after Paul Lewandowski exposed the excessive use of force used by police during the arrest.



An overview of a recent Ottawa case in which Paul Lewandowski ensured an acquittal for his client by focussing on the technical requirements imposed on police by the Criminal Code of Canada, in relation to obtaining a breath sample.



An examination of how a criminal lawyer can defend against breathalyzer readings. In this case, the police failed to conduct a roadside screening test, and accordingly, were in contravention of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



Common sense dictates that it would be difficult to defend a man accused of sexual assault against two separate women. In this case, however, Mr. Lewandowski was able to secure an acquittal by demonstrating that the witnesses colluded against the man for an ulterior purpose.



The Crown and police won't ever admit how often false accusations occur in sexual assault cases, but it is well known in the criminal defence world that it occurs far more frequently then the public believes. In this case, Mr. Lewandowski was able to secure a withdrawal by demonstrating that the allegation was an outright lie.



A young offender was acquitted on sexual assault allegations after Paul Lewandowski decimated the complainant in cross-examination - and demonstrated she was a liar - to the Court, and to the Crown.



A case of cross-racial misidentification in which the witness claimed she was "certain" that the man accused was the right guy. The jury disagreed after Mr. Lewandowski exposed the frailties in this purported "eye witness" identification case.



Being able to trap police officers in their own lies is not an easy task. If an officer is intent on fudging details or omitting vital information - it can be done. In this particular case, the officers attempted to do that. Thankfully, Mr. Lewandowski was able to use the two officers involved against each other, and the truth surfaced - as did an acquittal on a charge of trafficking $120,000.00 worth of opiates.



When a person is criminally charged for the first time, they are often shocked to learn that they could potentially be convicted based on nothing more than the word of one or two witnesses. In this respect, your choice in lawyer is your most vital decision, since it is only through meticulous cross-examination - questioning - that the truth is going to be exposed. In this case, a mid-trial acquittal was garnered in this exact way - when the malicious ex was exposed.



A stay of proceedings is granted online in "the rarest of cases." In this case, Mr. Lewandowski demonstrated that the excessive use of force used during the arrest was such a case. After a preliminary inquiry where the officers were contradicted internally and externally, the Crown made the right decision, and stayed the charge on the eve of trial.



Once a file is reviewed, a strategy must be developed to maximize the chances of an acquittal. In this tax evasion case, a novel approach was used that helped spare the client jail - and from a false conviction.



A defence of a recent case where the allegations were levied by a mentally unstable jaded ex.



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