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  • Defending charges of sexual assault contrary to section 271 of the Criminal Code.
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  • Ottawa criminal defence lawyer
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  • Paul Lewandowski is a lawyer who practises criminal defence law.


The client was charged with nine counts of historical sexual assault concerning his daughter and step-sister. The matter was put to trial. Mr. Lewandowski examined the evidence and found vital problems which cut to the core of the allegations. The matter was set for trial before a jury. No defence evidence was called, and thus the jury was left with only the evidence of two complainants who jointly claimed that they were sexual abused by the accused. This evidence, was, however, riddled with holes by the time Mr. Lewandowski had completed his cross-examination. Thus, the result was a hung jury, with the notable news heading: Jury balks, man walks. The matter was retried, and the client was acquitted of all charges.

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