Criminal Defence Lawyers

We practice exclusively in the area of criminal defence law and will defend anyone charged criminally under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, or any other criminal or quasi-criminal legislation. Our focus is to minimize the impact that your charges will have on your life. This is achieved through aggressive and thorough review of your case, and through mastery of the delicate arts of cross-examination and legal argument.

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Assault charges are amongst the most commonly occurring matters in Ottawa's criminal courts.

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Sexual Assaults.

There is no crime that grabs the public's attention more fervently than a sex crime.

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Impaired Driving.

Some of the most common charges are impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol level over 80.

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Drug Offences.

The courts view all drug offenses from simple possession to trafficking as serious matters.

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Financial Crimes.

Many lawyers shy away from defending persons accused of financial crimes. We can help.

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Other Criminal Charges.

We can defend a diverse array of charges. Set up an appointment to discuss your case.

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Paul Lewandowski

Mr. Lewandowski is a criminal defence lawyer with over fifteen years of experience practicing exclusively in criminal law. He has appeared at all levels of Court in Ontario, and appears in the Ontario Court of Justice on an almost-daily basis.

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Tobias Okada-Phillips

Tobias is a criminal defence lawyer and associate with Paul Lewandowski Professional Corporation. Tobias handles his own matters while assisting Mr. Lewandowski on his larger files.

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Gavin Johnston

Gavin aids both Mr. Okada-Phillips and Mr. Lewandowski with research, drafting, and strategic decision making. He is also a confident and thorough advocate that strives to achieve the best outcome for his clients, whether it is through trial or shrewd negotiation.

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Nancy Nunn

Nancy is now the Office Director and manages the entire office and staff, ensuring that the firm is operating efficiently and to its maximum potential. She is a formidable data miner and has an ability to cut through red tape that is second to none.

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