Sexual Assaults

There is no crime that grabs the public’s attention more fervently than sexual assault or sex crimes. The Criminal Code of Canada contains numerous offences that are classified as sexual offences.

Sexual offences include:

  • Sexual interference (151)

  • Invitation to sexual touching (152)

  • Sexual exploitation (153) and,

  • Sexual assault (271)

As a result of recent Criminal Code amendments, most of these sexual offences carry mandatory minimum punishments and are treated extremely harshly by the Courts. Although the Criminal Code protects the identity of the complainant, there is no provision to protect the identity of the accused. Thus, upon being charged, the accused’s name is often splattered over the media. For persons charge with a sexual assault, even those who are falsely accused, the process itself can be devastating. Even for first time offenders, jail is usually the mandate.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is unique within the Code, because the conviction often stands on the testimony of only one witness: the complainant. It is difficult, if not impossible to gather defence evidence since the complaint is often made many years after the alleged event. The exculpatory forensic evidence is unavailable, witnesses have disappeared, died or their memories have faded. Even if they are available, it is difficult to disprove a non-event.

Thus, the only tool at your disposal to prove that you are not guilty is cross-examination. This is the fundamental and vital role that your criminal lawyer will fulfill. The success of the cross-examination of your accused will be a direct function of your lawyers preparation, tenacity and talent. Mr. Lewandowski is exceptionally experienced in defending sexual assault charges. If you have been contacted by the police or have been charged with a sexual offence, contact Mr. Lewandowski immediately. Often the steps taken at the beginning of the process can be instrumental in securing an acquittal.

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