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A client who retains a lawyer on a criminal matter is concerned with one thing: the end result. The desired result will often be an acquittal, but in other cases in which a plea is advised, the desired result can be to avoid a criminal record, or avoid jail. Both trials and pleas are avenues to consider in any criminal matter and the best course of action to follow can only be determined by careful review of the evidence with your lawyer.

What follows is a listing of some of Mr. Lewandowski's results in criminal court on files that may be similar to yours. Mr. Lewandowski has amassed an array of results over the course of his career, many of which have garnered national media attention. These include acquittals on multiple victim sexual assaults, discharges on large scale government frauds, and withdrawals of charges for police misconduct, amongst others. While every case is specific to its facts, all potential clients are encouraged to examine Mr. Lewandowski's results pages for trials and guilty pleas, as well as the media clippings pages.



An overview of some of criminal defence lawyer Paul Lewandowski's successes on trials in criminal court.



An sampling of some of Paul Lewandowski's remarkable results on guilty pleas in criminal court.



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